Welcome to our blog!  While we’re still quite the novices at this form of communication, we’re excited to finally be taking the leap into the blogging community as it is certainly long overdue!  We hope that this blog serves you as a source of inspiration, encouragement, and equipping in your walk with Jesus Christ and service to Him.

It is only fitting that our blog is launched as we embark on a new, unexpected journey in our lives.  It would be our privilege if you’d join us as our faithful companions in prayer.

As many of you know, I began having severe migraines in December of last year.  These continued into the spring of this year, and resulted in me having a preliminary MRI in March, which lead to the discovery of a 15mm cyst on my pineal gland.  At that time, the doctors said it most likely wasn’t related, and that we’d follow the “wait and watch” approach.  Since that MRI, the migraines have been much more controlled, but I have begun experiencing other symptoms in addition to them.  I completed my 6 month MRI follow-up last week, and the results yielded additional growth of nearly 2mm, meaning my cyst is now around 17mm in size, which is considerably larger than the “average” sized pineal gland cyst.  That being said, our next steps are to pursue seeing a neurosurgeon for further evaluation and most likely, enduring brain surgery.  This was certainly not the outcome we were expecting, especially considering it’s familiarity to the past journey Greg and our daughters walked through with his first wife who passed away from brain cancer.  But as my amazing best friend and husband continues to remind me, “we’re preparing for potential surgery, not planning a funeral.”  Perspective is everything.

Rest assured, we do not view this diagnosis as grim.  Full of human unknowns?  Absolutely!  Covered in Divine certainty yet to be revealed?  Praise God, yes!  And more than that, we view this as a call to action, a call to prayer, and a call to engage in warfare with the enemy.  The timing of this interruption is no coincidence, as we’re in the exciting process of restructuring our ministry strategy and exploring ways to grow our personal business.  But it’s just that-an interruption.  This isn’t a defeat, nor is it a closed door to what God has been doing in our lives.  On the contrary, it’s a new chapter to our story yet to be written in its entirety, and as we know all too well, God’s finest moments of glory have been written through rocky seasons of weeping that have been amazingly transformed into precious memorial stones of worship.  We expect nothing less on this new journey.  We will continue to seek Him and serve Him just as we are today, as best as we are able to.  We are still planning ministry engagements, and are living forward.  The Lord has called us to worship ministry, and that goes beyond exalting His name through music and the spoken Word to worshiping Him every moment of every day, whether walking through thorny brush or flowery fields.  We have no doubt that He is writing a new song, a greater song, on our hearts to be sung on our lips.  Our work isn’t don’t yet!

Where you are invited to join us on this journey is through prayer.  We would be honored to have you join us as our prayer warriors, covering us in the truth of God’s Word.  I’d be lying to say that my mind isn’t darting between faith and fear at any given moment, or that I can’t comprehend how in the world God is going to work out all the necessary details if surgery is to occur.  That being said, we have specific prayer needs at this time that we’d like to share with you:

  • Wisdom for finding the right doctor to evaluate my diagnosis, and potentially perform this very delicate and tedious surgery.  We are looking into a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, as well as researching a minimally invasive procedure at a facility in California which right now, seems the most promising.
  • Provision that only God can bring to fruition.  We are still looking into what is and isn’t covered by insurance, and because the procedure is so specialized, it will be a God-sized task to provide what is potentially needed financially and through insurance.  We are hoping to apply for exception coverage if surgery is prescribed, and it is necessary at a facility deemed out of network.
  • Protection of our minds, that we could take our thoughts captive unto Christ through this journey, not only through our doubts and fears, but also so that we aren’t so consumed with what is going on that it distracts us from work and ministry.
  • Finally, pray that the Lord would be glorified though this experience.  We of course would welcome His divine healing for His glory, and welcome prayers for that; however, we want His will to be done above our own.

We will be posting updates as we move forward with treatment and will share specific prayer needs often.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.  To Him be the glory!

Worshiping Him,

Greg & Heather